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12 Outfits You Can Wear For Your Pre Wedding Shoot

Couple Dress Ideas For Pre Wedding Photoshoot

A pre-wedding photoshoot is a flourishing trend between couples. People want to have some good memories and professional photographs before their wedding. There are many ideas for getting your pre-wedding dresses like, you can have a twinning outfit, contrasting outfit, traditional or ethnic. Wearing matching clothes will give a great touch to your photography. 

Just like your wedding outfit your pre-wedding outfits must be distinctive from other couples. The pre-wedding dress can be simple or traditional or might be western or ethnic, depends on one's choice. Every picture of your shoot must be shot in different dresses and locations so that your overall look for the album have numerous type of photos in various outfits.

Girls & boys might have different choices for their dress up. Let's get to know about various types of dresses you can wear on your pre-wedding shoot.

Girls Dress Ideas For Pre Wedding Shoot

There are many dresses for girls to wear on every occasion. Variety of clothes, designs, fabrics, textures, and materials are available in the market to select from. Check out some different and unique western and Indian clothing ideas from which you can select for your pre-wedding shoot.

Blazing Gown

Wearing gown for a pre-wedding shoot is everyone's first choice. Undoubtedly every girl wants to achieve a unique look by wearing this western dress. Trying something different from Indian look is a major intention of wearing a gown on the shoot. Having a couple of clicks in this look will definitely add a blaze in your pictures.

Off or Cold Shoulder Dresses.

The dresses which catch the eyes of others is the real definition for real pre-wedding outfits and your cold or off shoulder dresses will do this work for you. So in order to achieve an arrestive look, you can go with this type of dress.

If a definition is not clear to you then let us have a brief look on this. In Off shoulder dresses one has shown up shoulder whereas in cold shoulder dress one has minimal stuff around the shoulder. Both types of dresses is a cool fabric for summer shots. You can go with a short dress or long dress it all depends on your choice.


Crop Top or Jumpsuit

The most fashionable western category for clothes is the crop top or jumpsuit. Having a set of this is preferable for your shoot. Try to get a trendy look with a crop top, which every girl likes to wear, giving contrast with skirts, again you can go with a long or short skirt whichever suits you. Moreover, jumpsuits delete the necessity for short dress. Hence giving you the perfect glimpse for your day.

Traditional Look With Suits or Saree

You can choose to be classic with traditional clothing, our traditional look includes sarees and suites. Saree will never be out-fashioned look for anyone, it just keeps evolving with the flow of time. Sarees are available with many different designs with various textures which look more beautiful on us then western outfits. Same is the case for suites, these suites also give a similar look like a gown and is more cost effective & on a budget for anyone. If you want to save bucks on your dresses you can go with the Indian outfit.


Wearing a lehenga is a great idea to wear on your pre-wedding shoot. As this is available with different designs from simple to designers. If you are an ethnic lover and want more outfit then only one bridal Lehenga then get your shoot done with designer lehenga. You can match your outfit colors with your fiance and have contrasting attires which will definitely give outstanding pre-wedding photographs.

Indo Western Dresses

Confused between the western and Indian clothes? Let's get a fusion for Indian and western clothing which is generally known as the Indo western dress. You can wear a dhoti on a crop top or cold shoulder top, also wearing saree with cold shoulder top. Another example of fusion cloth is wearing choli with jeans, its an outstanding idea to get dressed up for your pre-wedding shoot. This helps you to achieve a modern look with trends and also discovering and enjoying the beauty of dressing on your pre-wedding shoot. Nothing can be more mesmerizing than the fusion of Indian and western clothing.

Boys Dress Ideas For Pre Wedding Shoot

Here are some of the ideas, let's discover what type of clothes a groom could wear on his pre-wedding shoot.


Suites are the best form of dress that a boy can wear. The best part of suits is that it can go with every kind of women clothing whether its saree or gown it looks perfect each time and on everyone. Groom can wear a suit for its pre-wedding to get an ideal look on a shoot.


Tuxedo is most similar to suites, the only difference between both is only with the presence of satin on a tuxedo. Tuxedo has the placement of satin on the buttons, lapels, and on pocket trim. Most tuxedos are wearable with bows and not with the tie but if you want you can also wear tie on it. So wearing a tuxedo on your pre-wedding is also a great choice.

Casual Look

Some people like to pull off a simple look, so if you are one of them you can simply go with your casual look with jeans and shirts. So presenting yourself in a casual look on pre-wedding will give an intensifying look on you.

Printed Shirt

Printed shirt can be considered as a simple and sober look for your pre wedding shoot. This look helps to achieve a perfect look as it goes with every outfit like suit or gown, ethnic or western.

Basket or Nehru Jacket

The Jacket also known as Nehru jackets can be worn on suites or looks more elegant when you wear only on your plain shirt. You might like your look if you try this basket on your jeans and white shirt. Additionally, you can also wear on your plain kurtas which are again a very good option to carry your clothes. One can easily attain two looks by wearing a jacket on suits and kurta in your pre-wedding shoot.

These are some of the ideas for dressing on your pre-wedding. But rather than this, a couple can also wear similar colors for your pre-wedding pics. If you want to be more unique, wear T-shirts where the same message is written on it. Moreover, you can also have color-coordinated clothes. Also, go with the army printed t-shirts for your pre-wedding shoot.

You can choose any of these above-mentioned ideas for your special shoot, trying to achieve a unique and eye-catching look must be your prime motive.

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How to select contrasting Groom & Bride clothes for every wedding event

Best Bride and Groom Dress Color Combination

When it comes to wedding ceremonies, one question which comes to every couples mind is, “how to select good attire”.

The groom has a defined set of clothing as they wear sherwani's, a long designed jacket. A Groom Turban which has been a popular choice between men in India. It gives a royal touch in their look. Whereas many men choose Tuxedo as their evening dress, which is also not a bad idea, it gives a gentle look to them but not the traditional look. On the other side, the bride has a lot more to think about. A perfectly fit wedding attire to matching jewelry. From sandals to clutch. Every accessory is pre planned much before the wedding date.

Modern couples are coming up with many new ideas which they follow to make their wedding day special and unique. Matching or contrasting the Bride-Groom Wedding outfit is one of the trends which Couples follow.Your wedding photographs in the matching attire will be an inspiration to other couples. Let's have a look on wedding attires which couples should try to Contrast their Outfit.

When choices are more it becomes difficult to select from them. So we are here to help you
out from what is best to wear on your wedding day or what can you select to look best on your
wedding day.

Wedding Outfit Ideas For Bride And Groom

Some Couples follow different trends like selecting same color outfit or contrasting with many colors. In order to have some uniqueness to their outfits the trendy ideas which Couples follows is to wear two colors as a wedding outfit; like Golden and red, Golden and Pink and much more. If Bride and Groom select their outfit, within this framework, then they will definitely gonna rock their look.

White & Golden Contrasting Attire

White or off white outfit with light colors on Groom could be the best choice to contrast for the wedding night. You might find these combination of colors very interesting, which sounds different. The more classy color you can opt is Golden with white this could be contrasting combination for you both. Try this newest color trend, as your big day outfit.

Golden and Maroon Combination

If you don't want to try these different shades of emerging colors, then you can go with our
traditional colors which is Red. But you can try with some addition in it. Couples can go with
the combination of Red and Maroon. If you don't want to wear matching colors then you can
definitely go with these colors. Which can be a fiery combination for both of you.

Print or Embroidery wedding Attire

If you want to contrast your wedding attire or engagement outfit, you may go with matching print or embroidery on your clothes. It's the best way to get your look matched. If you find the same color outfit as a most common style, you can go with this newest trend. It's the coolest way to grab the attention of your guests.

Matching Dupatta & Safa

Wholly Contrasting with two colours might sound boring, So here's an idea through which your color also matches and it may not be common or boring. The color of wedding outfit of Bride might match with the Sherwani Dupatta and Safa of the groom. Yet another classy and royal way to look perfect with each other.

Shades of Pink

Shades in pink color, could be a great choice for any couple. You can combine pink color with white, Golden or off white. Hope you remember the wedding attire of Virat kohli and Anushka Sharma on their wedding in Tuscany. They both beautifully carried their outfit and set an example for contrasting outfits.

Silver Attire

You might go with Silver color as your wedding outfit. These colour shines out of crowd and it seems like stars on the ground.These are the most soothing and infamous colors, Yet people try to wear different colors on their special day. These could be a great color to wear.

Violet Wedding Attire

Want to be more experimental then Violet and red color in your outfit is what you need
as your wedding attire. You can go with this current shades colors and add spice in your
wedding look.

Apart from wedding outfits, when we talk for other wedding ceremonies like Haldi, Mehndi,
Ring ceremony, you can choose the parent colors for these functions.

Mehndi Ceremony Outfit

When you go with your Mehndi function you can wear Green color outfits. As it represents
the color of Mehndi which is green. You can choose between, Parrot green, grass green, light
green or even go with darker shades of green; this color is the forever color for this mehndi
function. Both bride and groom could slay with their combination in green outfit.

Haldi Ceremony Outfit

When it time for Haldi ceremony you can go with yellow color. This color represents the
haldi function. As both bride and groom can wear a combination of white and yellow colors,
and enjoy their most happening ceremony.  

Moreover, You can Contrast Blue & pink with Metallic touch. This elegant touch in your outfit will 
definitely work for you. A new phase of metallic color is giving royal vibes in the Wedding outfit. 
You might have seen a Blue color as a new trendy color in wedding outfits. With such an emerging 
colors on the bride and groom, people are attracted towards this color. 

Selecting the outfit for each and every wedding function might be an amazing experience for the 
couple, both can choose their contrasting outfit among those available varieties. Hope now, you are
full of many outstanding ideas for your wedding outfit. So go and get your outfits finalised for your 
wedding day.

You may also check suggestion for Pre-Wedding Outfit.

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2018 Guide To Drone Wedding Photography

Stunning views of a prepossessing destination packed with exotic sunset, shining sea shells. Pearls and sand and a cool yet cozy sea breeze! One gets lost in these dreams and wishes to set that landscape in their perfect picture having a vast image of the respective scene. What if it’s possible! Yes, with the help of a DRONE, it has become so easy to shoot images from high altitudes. Moreover, if you are planning a wedding in coming months, then you must go through the 2018 guide to drone wedding photography. 

What Is Drone Photography 

Drone photography include capturing images from a distant height using a remote-controlled device operated by a photographer manually. Even an amateur can operate that flying machine easily, using the controls placed on the remote control. 

With the emergence of this trending technology, photography industry has new benchmarks rendering to a whole new experience of photography and videography services. Earlier, only a limited could be attained to cover various spots in the wedding. 
However, with the introduction of drones, it has been possible to cover the entire event. The drone camera can easily fly hence and forth, above the guests and capture all the salient pictures by covering the entire wedding premises, without even disturbing anybody. 

Drone Wedding Photography 

Wedding happens to be the most auspicious and memorable day for a couple. All the moments shared and made among the couple, their respective families and friends are worth remembering. Although the existing photography kits enables a photographer to capture a lot of pictures, however, there are some shots which remain uncaptured even after undertaking various steps.

Here comes the role of drone wedding photography which enables the photographer to click those uncaptured moments, hindered by the inability of existing cameras and accessories from reaching new heights and angles. 

Essentials of Drone Wedding Photography 


1) Venue Feasibility 

Outdoor areas more comfortable as compared to indoors like banquet halls, hotels, etc. Due to limited area, the drones cannot function effectively indoors, hence limiting the scope of a perfect wedding photo shoot. However, if the drones are used to cover wedding events in large farm house, or countryside owned lands, it will be more feasible resulting in an extravagant wedding photography. Moreover, the noise generated by the flying drone may also result in disturbance during the ceremony. In contrast, outdoors might be quieter since, there is a wide area and altitudes available for flying the drones away from the guests, providing them quality time to spend. 

2) Reaching Unexpected Heights 

With the ability to fly high, drones make it possible to reach those areas which a photographer could have dreamt during the era of traditional photography possessing the basic initial camera kits. With a wide span of movement area, the whole event can be covered using drone wedding photography techniques. A blend of 360-degree photography can add to this lucrative photography skill creating panoramas, and making available a VR oriented wedding album which can be seen on smartphones nowadays. 

3) Hire A Professional Drone Operator 

Being a mini flying machine, it can assist in clicking the best pictures, but at the same time can pose problems in the event. One would not choose hiring an unprofessional and untrained drone operator, whom might accidentally crash that drone on one of your guests, resulting in n number of injuries in the function. Photography and operating skills of the hired person are must to be considered for hiring a drone operator. 

4) Weather Plays an Important Role 

What if it rains on your most awaited wedding day? It will result in a very bad experience of not able to capture your wedding via drone camera. Therefore, it should be ensured prior to the ceremony whether it will be raining or not on that special day. So that precautions could be taken well in advance regarding the safety of drone and having a backup plan ready for the wedding day. 

5) Drone might come as an additional cost 

With greater facilities and advance technologies, comes greater investments. This statement is true in case of drone wedding photography. Although, drone provides marvellous shots clicked straight from unreachable heights yet it possesses a major drawback i.e. the additional cost which it adds to the total photography budget. But, for a better experience one should definitely go for this option. This facility is already included in photographer’s package mostly. Only in rare cases, the photographers charge an extra amount from the couple. It entirely depends upon the experience and work style of photographer, what prices he will be ultimately charging from the couple. 

6) Figure out Whether Drones are allowed or not 

Many a times, the couple decides to have a drone performing photography of their most precious moments. However, the premises might not permit to shoot the event through drone camera due to security concern or any other reason.  Therefore, the photographer and the couple must ensure in advance, if there are any restrictions or restrictions regarding drone wedding photography. Mostly, various national parks, forest area, private properties and other government owned properties do not allow drone photography in that particular area. 

Apart from these limitations, drone photography has emerged as a new dimension in wedding photography and has proved to be the best deal which any couple cannot stand to miss out, and whenever you get a chance to plan a wedding ceremony you can definitely go for this sure shot option of making your auspicious day worth remembering. 

12 Outfits You Can Wear For Your Pre Wedding Shoot

Couple Dress Ideas For Pre Wedding Photoshoot A pre-wedding photoshoot is a flourishing trend between couples. People want to have ...